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Jobs in

Hunger exists in every county in Arkansas. 

Northwest Arkansas, a place where jobs seem abundant, is no stranger to experiencing hunger because of the loss of a job. The Northwest Arkansas Food Bank is here to help by providing some helpful tips on finding a job.  

Finding a job can be tough. Whether you have recently lost your job or have been without a job for a while, 
see some ways below for you to find your next job. If you are in between careers right now and need of food, 
please visit our resources list to find a food pantry near you .
The internet is a great way to search for jobs. Many companies and recruiters use internet job boards such as Indeed, Monster and ZipRecruiter to advertise for jobs. 

Also be sure to check out NWA Job Finder offered by the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette and the job board offered by Pathfinder 
to aid in your search for a job!
LinkedIn is a great way 
to connect with the right people online to land you a job. Follow companies which interest you, advertise your unique skills and build your connections to increase your visibility among companies.
Entering back into the workplace or looking to advance your current job situation? Job training can be those next crucial steps in getting a job. Many agencies in Northwest Arkansas offer free job training 
to qualified individuals. Check out Goodwill and Lifesource, Inc 
for a adult learning opportunities including job training, resume writing, how to search for jobs and interview skills.
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