End of Year Giving

End of Year Giving

Your Gift  could mean the difference between a good day at school and one filled with the distractions caused by food insecurity.
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This winter, your donation can positively affect one of the many families in Northwest Arkansas that have food insecurity. With your help, parents don't have to go to work hungry, it means they can put in a productive day and help provide for their loved ones. 
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Your donation to the End of Year Giving event could mean that seniors living in Northwest Arkansas don't have to choose between their medication or their meal.
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No One Should Go Hungry.

In Northwest Arkansas over 70,000 men, women, senior citizens and children face hunger every day. The number of hungry people has increased in the past years, but the Northwest Arkansas Food Bank continues to fight for everyone to have access to nutritious food to eat. 

Take Action

Volunteer your energy and provide resources to bring inspiration and hope to those who need it 
in our community.

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